JILL has your chance to win a free lunch!

Just text the word LUNCH to 64600 for your chance to win free lunch from one of our participating sponsors! We'll give away a free lunch from a different sponsor each week.

Message & data rates apply, please no texting & driving, 1 entry per mobile number per week.

When you enter, you are agreeing to receive up to 10 text messages per month, including offers from the sponsor businesses. If you unsubscribe from texts during the contest period, you will no longer be eligible to win. Coupons/offers sent out from sponsors may vary, and are NOT valid for a free lunch; they are simply a money saving coupon or message about a deal from the sponsor.

Winners will be notified via text message on Fridays at 10am (winning texts may be sent on an alternate date if there is a Friday conflict, notification of the change will be posted on Facebook and/or stated in the message you receive after entering to win). The winning text message will request that you call to confirm your prize. If the prize has not been confirmed by 2pm on the day we send the winning message, the prize is considered forfeited, and a new winner will be chosen with a "2nd chance drawing" on Facebook. There is only 1 winner per week. Prizes may be delivered via text message or postal mail, depending on the sponsor. 

Some restrictions may apply, please mention your prize when ordering to find out if the restaurant has any restrictions or rules regarding the prize. Prizes must be redeemed by the noted expiration date, or they will be considered invalid.

Employees and immediate family members of MOR Media, other media companies, and any sponsors are not eligible to enter/win.

Please refer to our general contest rules for any other rules/restrictions.

Participating sponsors include Avocado's Grill, Chick-fil-A, Kiss The Cook and Meals for Moms! 

Congratulations to our winners:

5/1/2020 - Avocado's Grill - Crystal Fry
5/8/2020 - Munchys - Dealie Ursery
5/15/2020 - Kiss The Cook - Beth Spaunhorst
5/22/2020 - Chick-fil-A - Crystal Carter
5/29/2020 - Avocado's Grill - Laquatia Williams
6/5/2020 - Munchys - Nicholl Jaques
6/12/2020 - Kiss the Cook - Raella Greene
6/19/2020 - Chick-fil-A - Jennifer Russell
6/26/2020 - Avocado's Grill - Kimberly Stull
7/10/2020 - Kiss the Cook - Jennifer Williams
7/17/2020 - Chick-fil-A - Sarah Dawson
7/24/2020 - Avocado's Grill - Victoria Davis
7/31/2020 - Meals for Moms - Jessica Wince
8/6/2020 - Kiss the Cook - Darlenia Crow
8/14/2020 - Chick-fil-A - Scarlett Weaver
8/21/2020 - Avocado's Grill - Mary Lynn Householder
8/28/2020 - Meals for Moms - Misty Riley
9/4/2020 - Kiss the Cook - Dodie Osment
9/11/2020 - Chick-fil-A - Sheryl Sutfin
9/18/2020 - Avocado's Grill - Alisha Brown
9/24/2020 - Meals for Moms - Jennifer Lewis
10/2/2020 - Kiss the Cook - 

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